About The Studio


At Marti Sagar Interiors we are guided by the ethos that spaces for living should feel restorative, honest and livable, always lifting the spirits of those who dwell in it. We create sanctuaries for living that are warm, layered and functional.


Known for her nimble ability to translate the nuances of her client’s lifestyle into a cohesive living experience, Marti Sagar Interiors treats each project as a direct collaboration with our clients. We believe successful design begins with strong relationships and pride ourselves in building a sense of trust and understanding with our clients.

Our spaces instill a deep sense of belonging, where people feel at home. 

Our design values Include : 

  • Sustainable Design should make you feel good
  • Interior Poetry is created out of Juxtaposition. 
  • Successful projects are the direct result of a creative collaboration.
  • Every space has a story, respect it.
  • Trust and transparency come first.  
west village pied-a-terre
Greenwich, ct